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Let’s talk about the game:

Allow me to start by saying, I originally got Pokemon Colosseum Rom around when I was 11. I pre-ordered it, infact. I got an excellent ways into the game, but my disc somehow became damaged and I couldn’t complete it. Almost 10 years later, I chose to re-purchase the game. Being a Pokemon fan from day one, I have to state this game is a contender for the best in the series. The story really pulls you in, and I enjoy how it’s very different compared to the handheld games.

I have many disagreements with the Gameinformer review. The game does begin laughably easy, but actually becomes among the harder games in the series by enough time you reach Pyrite Town, since it is difficult to “grind” with the absence of wild pokemon and repeatable fights. So there is surprise difficulty spike, especially when you gain the capacity to purify Pokemon since they don’t gain exp. I also disagree with the “dull environments” comment. To start with, it’s a wilderness, what did you expect. I actually discover the cities and especially the insides of buildings to be laden with all sorts of little details. I’m starting to think this “reviewer” played about 5 minutes of the game.

The design for the player character is great, and it’s nice to play as a grownup for once. One flaw I’ll point out is that the Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon’s models are merely touched-up and copied/pasted from Pokemon Stadium. The Generation 3 guys look rather smooth however. It will take a darker method of the series and older fans might love this particular more compared to the main games. The battle mode is just a nice challenge for the GBA pokes, but that’s type of obsolete these days. Nearly all of the Pokemon you catch are from Generation 2, that is great if you’re a large fan of Gold and Silver like me. It absolutely was helpful back the afternoon since those Pokemon were hard ahead by otherwise. It’s somewhat short in comparison to it’s sequel, so savor the story and don’t rush through. You’ll sense heroic once you’ve stopped the criminal organization, Cipher, at the ending.

The Music of Pokemon Colosseum Rom GBA

The music is like nothing you’d expect in Pokemon Colosseum Rom, but it’s very memorable, and will stay with you. The battle themes really pump you up and help speed things along since the attack animations are often long. The city themes can differ, nevertheless they complement their respective locations well. PLAY IT LOUD, IN STEREO, DUDE.

Pokemon Colosseum Rom

To conclude, this may be considered a curveball thrown to players used to the handhelds, but a big change like this is a welcome one. In the event that you wanted a full-length, story-heavy Pokemon RPG on a house console, this game and it’s sequel are the thing you need!

Pokemon Colosseum Rom is truly perfect. If you do not get this particular new generation of Pokemon madness, YOU ARE STUPID. Yeah, I know, it’s insulting, but additionally it is the truth.