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The Chips full movie is based on the television series Chips which was aired in the 1970s. This TV series was not a big hit, but was popular because of its comedy and action. It is written and directed by Dax Shepard alongside Michael Pena. Creating an action comedy from an old TV series is a challenge, and these two people accepted this challenge. The TV series was on air during 1977 and it ran till 1983, and this movie is a remake of it. The main theme of the movie revolves around two motorcycle cops who are buddies.

watch chips full movie

A band of criminals once looted millions of dollars in California from an armored car, and also killed a police officer on the spot. The California highway patrol came into action and started its investigations and they came up with the conclusion that this crime was planned and supported by some dirty cops. To find out who planned the whole game, they ask the FBI for help. The FBI sends their intelligent and experienced Miami-based agent, Castillo (Michael Pena) to carry out secret investigation with the CHIPS. Castillo changes his identity and names himself as Frank Ponch, and starts working to find out about the five dirty cops so that he could bring them to justice for helping out the criminals.

In this chips full movie online free, Jon (Dax Shepard) is a former motorcyclist and he is coping with his failed marriage with his ex-wife. He suffered too many injuries during his motorcycling career, and now he has a battered body but still wants to win his ex-wife back. Jon Baker is also a drug addict and a junk-foodie. All this made him join CHP as a motorcycle cop in an attempt to impress his ex-wife. Jon then becomes Castillo’s partner to investigate the robbery and they both started working together.

The film consists of good quality humor and the chemistry between these two cops is amazing. The contrasting personalities of these two men are the main reason why there is so much humor and comedy in this film. However, to achieve their goals and investigate about the criminals, they both need to keep their personal differences on the side and work together as a team. Jon is an explorer and he is a bit on the sensitive side, while Ponch is obsessed with women and he becomes hypnotized at the sight of beautiful and sexy women. At the start, Jon and Ponch don’t get along too well with each other, and they often get on each others’ nerves. But after some action-filled scenes and horrific episodes, they both soon became best buddies.

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During the investigation task, Jon often used to complain about his knee issues, due to which he used to fall on the floor while running. Both the main characters are also found arguing often, for example they both used to argue about whether Ponch is a homophobe or not. Throughout the Chips full movie, Ponch also has to deal with his FBI boss who is always concerned about Ponch’s performance and the colleague who always complains that Ponch deliberately shoots him.

Dax Shepard’s love for motorcycle can clearly be seen in the movie as gleaming motorcycles have been frequently shown and expert stunt driving scenes are also included in the film. Shepard’s trademark comedy style is also evident in the Chips full movie. Shepard has tried to give something new to the viewers and he has tried to make the movie unique from the start to the end.

The relationship between Jon and Ponch is the main theme, and the actors perfectly match to their characters. However, most of the critics are of the view that both the main characters couldn’t fully portray the ‘best-buddy’ type of relationship, and that they don’t look like an inseparable team. According to the critics, the two couldn’t match well with each other, and this came as a surprise because there were more expectations from the film.

Vincent D’ Onofrio is given very small screen time as a villain, and his role has been completely wasted. Female characters aren’t given much screen time either, and most of the women pictured in the Chips full movie are the ones that are being stared by Ponch. The action of this movie is considered very successful because the stunts performed on motorcycles are just amazing. The good thing is that Shepard has performed most of the riding stunts himself, such as driving down a staircase and wheelies.

Chips full movie could have been better than this, as much is left to be satisfied.

The script could have been better and more attention could be paid to detail. Most of the viewers of the series might wonder whether they should watch the movie, since the movie is based on the old TV show. They should rest assured that this movie is different from the TV series in may aspects. According to the critics, Chips full movie has been stretched a lot, and that it wasn’t meant to be for two hours.

The movie includes lots of violence and breath-taking stunts, and if you are an action lover, you won’t feel bored watching it. The inexperienced rookie and a skillful pro team together to detect and investigate about the multi-million-dollar robbery, and the whole film revolves around the task of these two motorcycle cops. These two cops have to work together and reach the dirty cops and bring them to justice. For this they should have a good chemistry between them. The movie tries to show good friendship and understanding between the two cops later on in the movie, but unfortunately it couldn’t be portrayed accurately.

If you don’t get bored by action movies, then this movie will not waste your time. Watch CHIPS 2017 free online. However, most of the Chips full movie reviews suggest that it has a weak script, and there are many things that could have been given more attention.

Chips Full Movie is an action-comedy, and has lots of stunt-filled scenes with a touch of humor.