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Menace to Society Full Movie

The film is full of terrific energy, especially the Performance by Tyrin Turner, who played Caine, Larenz Tate, who played O-Dog, and Jada Pinkett, who played the role of Ronnie, Caine’s caring girlfriend, all the actors are filled with conviction and life, and played their parts very well.
“Menace 2 Society full movie” depicts a very uncompromised, but real picture and with no optimistic conclusion the film might be seen as a very negative move.”Menace 2 Society” showcases the elements of the society the way they are without any exaggeration or much manipulation. However the film does full justice in depicting the story. Anyone who has seen this film will find that the leading character of the film Caine, is neither portrayed as a hero, not as a villain, this balance makes the movie a real success, which reflects the hard work of the entire star cast and the crew. You should also watch menace to society.


Menace to society full movie


The film gives a very strong message to the society, based on the real issues. Anyone who watches this film must thoughtfully ask questions that why the country makes it so easy to obtain guns and even easier to pull the trigger, how easy it is to commit a crime and not stopping only there but committing even more sinful acts to escape. The addiction of drugs is another major issue that has been very truly pictured in the film, it clearly shows how drugs not only ruin the life of the drug addict but also everyone else’s related to that person.

Menace to society full movie online clearly shows how a child turns into a menace within no time, he takes no lesson from the mistakes his parents made and later faced the same fate as theirs.

So the story of Menace to Society Full Movie goes something like this:

A young man Caine, the center of the film is a good natured and an intelligent person in the usual sense. But the world he was raised in did not allow him to develop that side of his character, rather he was undermined​ and lured to an entirely different world full of darkness by the temptation of drugs, violence and guns.

As a small child he had seen his father who is a drug dealer kill a man. His mother, who was a drug addict died of an overdose leaving Caine behind. Caine then moves to his grandparents at the age of 10 when his father was killed in a drug dealing.Caine and (O-Dog) Kevin Anderson his best friend enters a local store just to buy some liquor, but the storekeeper looks upon them suspiciously, And when they are about to leave the store they fall into an argument with the storekeeper who makes some remark about O-Dog’s mother. O-Dog looses his calm and shoots the storekeeper and his wife. Before leaving O-Dog empties the cash register and takes the CCTV surveillance video tape with him.

Later, Caine and Harold (Caine’s cousin) are carjacked where they both are shot, Harold dies in that accident but Caine survives. O-Dog then tells Caine that he has found the whereabouts of the carjackers and they both avenges the death of Harold by finding the assailants killing them. Caine and O-Dog are caught by the police in the case of store killings, but are released when they could not be proved guilty due to lack of evidences.

Caine’s grandfather tries to make every possible effort to keep him away from these things, but Caine is negligent towards his grandfather’s advice. Mr. Butler tries to take Caine to Kansas with him to keep him away from any unsocial elements, but is obviously unsuccessful in persuading him. Caine soon robs a local to get himself a car, and then he buys a huge amount of cocaine in order to get into the drug dealing business.

Caine later meets a girl Ilena at a party. Caine ends up in hospital after he is beaten by some people, where Ronnie, a friend of Caine convinces him to come to Atlanta, where she had found some job to which Caine somehow agrees.

While in a party Chauncey makes a move towards Caine’s friend Ronnie to which Caine gets real angry and takes out his pistol and points it at Chauncey but Sharif and Stacy comes to the rescue. But Chauncey gets mad at Caine and sends the store killing’s video tape footage to the police.

However the story takes a new turn when Ilena’s cousin visits Caine home just before he was about to leave for Atlanta. Caine again gets into a fight with Ilena’s cousin and beats him. Caine’s grandfather who have had enough of Caine’s wrongful actions throws him out of his house. Having no place else to hide, Caine starts packing his stuff to leave for Atlanta. Just as Caine comes out of the house, he is attacked by Ilena’s cousin and his friends, they blindly start shooting Caine where Sharif gets shot and dies on the spot, Caine also get fatally wounded. While he is slowly dying, he remembers the words of his grandfather when he asked him to leave all this or he’ll face the same fate as his father and his cousin did. He sees a flashback that reflects all his actions which led him to his end. He realizes how this final moment could have been avoided, BUT it’s too late now, after all that’s​ the life he has chosen. O-Dog is later arrested by police for the murder of storekeeper couple and robbery at the store

Caine met this final end just because he chose this lifestyle, he could have avoided​ all this just by following some advice from all those​ people around him who loved and cared about him. His indifferent attitude and the habit of not caring about anyone took him down. He payed for his sins a heavy price. He very well knew the consequences of this, he had seen his mother die of a drug overdose and later his father die in a drug dealing but he still didn’t take any lesson from this. He still followed the same track as his father did. He killed others over trivial matters. The world he was raised in never allowed him to develop a good character.

Menace 2 Society full movie, directed by twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, based on a short screenplay they earlier wrote with Tyger Williams. They finished the film at the age of 21 and already had a good track record in directing a lot of music videos before.

The movie gives a very clear message: Anyone who falls victim of such street violence is a loss to the society, their potential fully destroyed by an inefficient system which is incapable of controlling such elements. It raises a very serious issue that America is facing till date. The rate of crime has drastically increased, every one sucked into the world of violence and much worse. The young generation is the most affected, those who should be in school are taking drugs, and have fallen victim to other such antisocial elements. The temptation of such things has ruined a lot of lives in America, that’s the reason why this movie gained a lot of attention. However the film was also in the limelight for some other reasons like profanity and violence. There were some scenes that were censored before the release, only the F-word was used as many as 300 times in the entire movie, which is around 3 times in 1 minute. But apart all this, the directors did the fantastic job in presenting the film The film could have easily became boring due to the uniqueness of the storyline which luckily didn’t happen. And that could be said as the film scored very good ratings all over the country.

The Hughes twins, however did a great  job as the center character of Caine is neither portrayed as a victim nor a hero. Everything is shown as they normally are in this society.


Menace 2 Society full movie online free received a lot of appreciation and positive reviews from film critics. Scoring 85% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, based on several reviews. According to many critics “The movie is very powerful and convincing with the terrifying teenage crime.” It further got many positive reviews which quoted “Menace 2 Society is unsparing, bleak and a brilliant movie. ”

Menace ii society full movie online was listed in the top 10 best movies, and won several awards, including the best movie of the year, leaving movies like Jurassic Park, Philadelphia and Schindler’s List far behind.

Very few people know that Originally, MC Ren was to play the role of A-Wax, but later refused to play the role of a gangster after he joined Nation of Islam.

Similarly, Rapper Spice 1 was playing Caine, and Tupac Shakur was cast for the role of Sharif, but all were fired when the director, Allen Hughes reported that Shakur had been causing trouble on the sets, months after he was fired, Tupac assaulted Hughes in which Tupac was found guilty and faced 15 days imprisonment.

I think after that review everybody want to see Menace to Society Full Movie for free. Enjoy it!